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HCIGAR VT200 Authentic EVOLV DNA200 Chip

  • £12999

The HCigar VT200 is the next evolution in regulated box mods!

Featuring the new Evolv DNA200 chip set, this 200 Watt capable board is the heartbeat of the last regulated mod you'll ever need! Featuring a full set of features including variable wattage from 1 Watt to 200 Watts of output power, temperature control, and a fully integrated software suite that allows the user to connect the device to a computer for full customization of all features and display screen for the unit!

Powered by an 11.1V 1300mAh 30C lithium-polymer pack, this battery outputs an equivalent of approximately 4200mAh compared to what we're used to with 18650 batteries! This battery pack is included with the device, is replaceable, and may be available for additional purchase at a later date.

This high strength yet comfortable to hold box mod is designed with a metal frame of this mod, with magnetically attached side panels for easy access to the battery. The Evolv DNA200 regulated variable wattage power control board has temperature control features through voltage step up/down topology.

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