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Authentic Coilmaster 521 Tab - The Ultimate Ohm Reader

  • £3999

Coil Master 521 Tab   

Creating the perfect coil for your rebuildable tank or dripper is a lot easier when you have the right tools. A coiling stand to hold your deck steady as you build, a resistance checker to make sure there aren’t any dangerous shorts and a voltage meter to monitor your battery state – if you’re coiling regularly you need all of those. 

The Coil master 521 Tab is an all in one coiling station. Powered by an 18650 battery it gives you stable platform to build on with integrated ohm meter – but unlike your old resistance checker it has the power to fire the coil with the press of a button. That means no more having to move your atty from the ohm box to a mod when you want to burn in the coil. Plug in the voltage adapter and you can screw on your mod and see how many volts it’s putting out. You can even fire your new coil from the mod and the 521 Tab will measure the voltage drop for you. 

Coil Master have made a real name for themselves by making rebuilding easy, and the 521 Tab takes that another step forward. Plus, if you’re really in a hurry to test that new build it doubles up as a mod. 

• Large, stable platform for building 

• OLED display 

• Checks resistance from 0.01-9.99 ohms 

• Checks voltage from 0.3-9.99 volts 

• Measures voltage drop 

• Powered by one 18650 battery (not included)

• USB charging port

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