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Mutation X v4 by TOBECO

  • £1499

All new  Mutation X RDA! Redesigned from the ground up the all new Mutation X V4 looks and performs better than ever, now with internal airflow combined with legendary external airflow the Mutation X has more airflow than ever.

This latest iteration is not a one trick pony, a redesign of the chamber and deck as well as a better combination of 510 drip tip adapter or wide bore mouth piece, gives the Mutation X V4 a better build quality, all round usability and most importantly, much, much better flavour!

The Mutation X has gone from a budget cloud chasers RDA to astoundingly well engineered, all round RDA.


1. Innovative variable airflow, external & internal.

2. Upgraded 18 diamond airflow holes & 2*3-size holes in the base.

3. Special wide-bore pyramid drip tip:  more vapour & more comfortable

4. Extra cooling adapter

5. New designed 510 drip tip adapter.

Size: MX V4-22*43mm, drip tip-10*15mm, cooling adaptor-22*13mm

Material: 304 stainless steel,

Color: ss, white, black,

Contact: silver plated copper

over 250℃ heat-resist insulator

1* Mutation x RDA V4

1* Extra cooling adapter

1* 510 drip tip adapter

4*o-rings,4*phllips screws



















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