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Vaporesso Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • £3699

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It doesn’t matter who you are, or what kind of vape you enjoy using. The inescapable fact is that they will need cleaning at some point.
In fact, if we don’t keep our vapes clean, we affect the taste and performance of the vape, and no one wants that.
The problem?

Cleaning is fiddly, annoying, and tiresome!

Well, it was.

With this Ultrasonic Cleaner, you can effectively address the issues users face when it comes to “tidying up.” Let’s face it, Vaping can be a messy business, but with this cleaner, you will be able to bring your vape gear back to being SPOTLESS in 3 to 8 minutes, according to your needs. Just add some water into the bowl and start it while bathing your selected gear in need of thorough cleansing, retrieve the gear once bathed and it’ll be spotlessly clean and good to go.

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