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Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA

  • £2599

Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA

The Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA is the baby brother to the extremely popular Serpent RTA. It boasts all the same features including adjustable airflow, top fill, adjustable posts and a very easy to configure single build deck.  The Wotofo Serpent Mini has a 3ml capacity and is 29mm x 22mm in size making it more convenient and portable than the former Serpent. It comes with a pack of Wotofo Comp pre made coils to get you started

Product Features:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
    • Unique 'Lay Down' Terminals
      • Leads Are Horizontally Secured
      • Three Sided Design
        • Easily Fit Large Leads
        • 2mm Wide
    • Single Coil Compatible
    • German Made PEEK Insulation
    • Gold Plated Airflow
      • 4mm Diameter
      • Bottom Airflow
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow Intakes
    • 10mm by 1.5mm Each Airslot
  • Top Fill System
    • 3ml Tank Capacity
    • Dual Channel Slots
  • Independent Build Deck and Reservoir
    • Access Build Deck Without Draining Reservoir
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection

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